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He was born into a family of the tenth and after him two, crowding, the child went through difficult situations for himself, imagine that a person who did not see the behavior of adults except to hit or see his mother beaten by the father severely, in my session with the mother I received feelings that this family is torn, scattered and I learned that The father marries more than one woman, that this young man lived his childhood, only seeing the beating of adults or seeing his mother being beaten by his father ……………. The child lived like this and his behavior towards everyone who approaches him has become a direct violent beating, he only utters the words of eating and drinking, he loves his father very much because he is the only one who defends him and takes him outside the house and is not ashamed of him…. Perhaps the mother’s lack of understanding of the nature of her son’s problem is what made the problem a behavior that the boy was accustomed to. Now what is his problem that made the family complain about him? – Is that he beats others severely, does every unwanted behavior in front of family guests, hits his little sister, who has Down syndrome.
The answer to this problem is similar to many answers,
First, what if it happens that the emotional region in our mind (the brain) is no longer working, and when does this region work specifically?
Human emotions work while we are fetuses in our mothers’ wombs and are active at first when they are thirty-five days old…… Emotions while we are fetuses in our mothers’ wombs are affected positively or negatively. The mother lived through a pregnancy that had its circumstances, as she narrated, which is not psychologically abnormal. She says that during my pregnancy I only thought of revenge.
And now we are reaping the revenge of this young man with those around us.
His emotional center is almost working only with his father, …………………… This young man with autism spectrum disorder needs a program.
A counseling program for the family, especially the mother.
It is necessary to look at life differently, forget the meanings of revenge against the children of the other wife, and thus love those who live with her so that she has positive energies that she transmits to her autistic child. This counseling program may give us results within six months if the mother and the rest of the family are committed to exporting emotions, tenderness and closeness to This poor young man…
As we are used to, we need closeness and contact in the form of daily body massage, and here in this case he needs a pressure massage for an hour a day.
Walking daily for an hour without talking for three months, and he is forbidden even to comment on what he sees in the street or the market, except in the first period. Let him look without restrictions and think without direction.
It is necessary to activate the centers of the cerebellum and brain stem with sports exercises, and every exercise helps balance by getting acquainted with the balance program of Dr. Fahda Al-Faisal and Dr. Muhammad Youssef.
Traveling once a month, even for one night, outside the house.
Change the sleeping place.
Reinforce his positive behaviors.
Using the technique of ignoring unwanted behaviors.
A smile on a young man’s face always helps him to reassure himself.
Extracting fear, activating reassurance, and activating areas of emotional intelligence
Positive morale takes time and requires patience.
You must have a sense of humor and look at life through the eyes of your child reassure him – help him to predict behaviors that make him happy from others.


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