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about project

When we see the “spectrum” of that light reflected from the sun’s rays in a certain atmosphere, we see it at times near and at other times far away, and each time of it has its field and features, and in order to enjoy and touch this light and the colors emitted from it, all we have to focus, sense and recognize, and also is a spectrum disorder Autism and those affected by it, we may see the spectrum of some of them, sometimes close to us, interacting with us, laughing and communicating, and their moods are united with our moods, and at other times they merge into their own world and absorb it and interact with it and feel comfortable with it.
To understand their times so that we choose the appropriate time to share them. .
To share with them their own world, whatever it is, we do not say (they are shameful commitments, or loud movements), we share with them in this world so that he feels familiar with us, we do as he does and imitate it while smiling, and we bring him out to our world in the way he loves, we embrace him and the satisfaction in our features, Or we run and laugh with him.
We do not set him a fixed program, ignoring (his) (temperament), but we make our program according to what he likes
“Let us always be close to them, for his kind is close to us.”


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